Globalnych Zmian:

Napięcia społecznego, kryzys, a proces transformacji

Forum wymiany zrównoważonych metod, które pozwalają na tematyce współczesnej wyzwań społecznych

  • 27th – 29th April 2012
  • Volkshaus, Zurich

IAPOP (Międzynarodowe Stowarzyszenie Praktyków Psychologii Zorientowanej na Proces) oraz Szwajcarskie Centrum Pracy z Procesem zaprasza do udziału w Międzynarodowej Konferencji Psychologii Procesu zaplanowanej na 26-29 kwietnia w Zurichu, w Szwajcarii.

Szczegóły zostaną rozesłane jak tylko będą dostępne.

Mamy nadzieję, że zaszczycisz nas swoją obecnością.


IPA (Institute for Process Work Zurich) and

IAPOP (International Society for Process Oriented Psychology)


Institute for Process Work

Conference 2012

Binzstrasse 9

CH-8045 Zürich

Tel: +41 44 451 20 70

Fax: +41 44 450 13 60


Where we start

The term „crisis” is one of the most popular words of the still very young 21st century. The global world order is crumbling, socio-economic divides are opening and the intermingling of different ways of living is ever increasing. Values, cultures and worldviews that seem incompatible are colliding, traditional role models are breaking up and have to be renegotiated.

The question of how social transformation and change can be facilitated is becoming increasingly a crucial one in many places: In the public sphere, in politics, in social institutions and organisations. The effects of inadequate facilitation have become more expensive and scary. That is, methods and strategies are needed that enable people to deal constructively with tensions, resistances, fears and conflicts. The challenge to learn how to develop and apply sustainable methods for dealing with social tensions is a matter of concern for us all: as citizens, as workers and leaders in companies, as members of teams and families and as individuals.

Vision for the Conference

With this conference we create a forum in order to make sustainable methods for dealing with processes of transformation more known and useful for an interested public. By assembling international key figures who deal with the social challenges of our times we offer a sustainable contribution for the further development of creative forces in this field.


The conference is organized by the IPA (Institute for Process Work Zurich) and the IAPOP (International Society for Process-oriented Psychology). Process Work represents the Worldwork method, a facilitation method and a theory for dealing with social change. As host for this conference we are interested in finding synergies, exchanging know-how and to support global visions and initiatives in order to develop them further and make them useful for specific applications.

Target Groups

The conference is aimed at professionals and other participants who are interested in the questions of how to live and work together today and how to deal with current social tensions and conflicts. As we have intentionally invited a great variety of people we are looking for participants who are curious and open to a diversity of approaches and methods.

This is an international conference, the presentations will be held in German and in English (with simultaneous translations).

Conference Details

The conference starts on Friday, 27th April 2012 at 9am and closes on Sunday, 29th April 2012 at 5pm.


  • Friday, 27th April: 9.00am – 12.30pm; 2pm – 6pm
  • Evening programme: 7.45pm – 9.00pm
  • Saturday, 28th April: 9.00am – 12.30pm; 2pm – 6pm
  • Evening programme: 7.30pm – 9.30pm, after that party till midnight
  • Sunday, 29th April: 9.00am – 12.30am; 2pm – 5pm


The conference is bilingual and will be held in German and English with simultaneous translations.

Pre-Conference and Post-Conference

  • 26th April 2012: Drs. Amy & Arny Mindell: „New Leadership for Politics & Ecology”
  • 30th April 2012: Drs. Ellen & Max Schupbach: „The process-oriented organisation: New concepts in change management and leadership of stakeholder organizations”

Programme Overview

  • Friday, 27th April 2012
    „Changing World: Visions and Strategies for Action”

    • Greetings from a political and an economic representative
    • Keynotes: Social activist and visionary (tbc) and Drs. Arnold and Amy Mindell
    • Future Workshops: Five different methods introduce themselves and create synergies for future-oriented visions
    • Round table with political and economic representatives, keynote , Dr. Arnold
  • Saturday, 28th April 2012″Fields of Social Tensions: Working with Conflicts”
    • Keynotes: Social activist and visionary (tbc), Dr. Matthias zur Bonsen (tbc), Dr. Arlene
      und Jean-Claude Audergon
    • Small Groups: Group work dealing with the topic (facilitated by different methods)
    • Conflict Workshops „BYO” (Bring your own): Bring your own case into a small group (different, combined methods working with the case)
    • Evening programme:Franz Hohler presents stories related to the topic: „’The City of Zurich brings its own case” (Theatre Hall, Volkshaus):
    • Drs. Arnold and Amy Mindell facilitate the process with a big group Party till midnight
  • Sunday, 29th April 2012″Organizations in Transition: Facilitation of Transformation Processes”
    • Keynotes: Prof. Dr. Matthias Varga von Kibéd, Drs. Max and Ellen Schupbach
    • Multi-perspectives on a practical case: Different methods in collaboration
    • Workshops with different methods

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IAPOP Conferences

The first IAPOP Conference was held in London in 2007. Here is a transcript of the keynote address given by Arny and Amy Mindell:

Arnold Mindell, Ph. D., & Amy Mindell, Ph. D. (2007). On the Origins and Essence of Process Work. London: Keynote address presented at 2007 IAPOP Conference. PDF

The second IAPOP Conference was held in Portland, Oregon, in 2010, focusing on Community and Global Health. For a directory of conference presentations and a link to purchase the audio files click here.