Tribute to Arnold Mindell 

It is with utmost sadness that we process and grieve Arnold Mindell’s passing. We also acknowledge that he is very alive and present with us as all the testimonials, thoughts and feelings are pouring in from the international community. As Amy Mindell states in her message: “It’s so heartwarming to feel how his work, life, and spirit will live on in all your hearts and through the work you each do in the world, fulfilling one of his deepest wishes – to make the world a better place for everyone.” 

Arny to his core was and is a pragmatic researcher who, through combining physics and psychology and with his uncanny ability to follow and trust Process, always looked at better ways to ease the world and human condition. It led him to develop the Dreambody concept and approach, to expand individual psychology to include group dynamics and worldwork, and to be the inspiration and motor for an ever-expanding international network of Process Work practitioners and training centers.

The International Association of Process-oriented Psychology (IAPOP) will always be indebted to him and hopes to continue his legacy and support the international community. As many of us are gathering and will continue to come together to honor Arnold Mindell, IAPOP plans to offer multiple platforms for gathering the shared knowledge and experiences. We would like to help collect and distribute what you all bring together in the regional get-togethers.  

Celebration of Arnold Mindell (1940-2024) ALL WELCOME online

Dear community, Amy Mindell would like to warmly invite you to an online celebration of Arny’s life and presence. Please register here.

IAPOP is an International Association of Practitioners of Process Oriented Psychology, who associate out of their shared values, vision and goals, as well as support for diversity, creativity, relationship and the exciting range of research and practice within our professional community.

The Association came together in 2010 to continue supporting the collaboration and sharing of research, experience and ideas in the evolving field of Process Oriented Psychology, and its relationship to a wide range of fields from psychotherapy and psychiatry to mind-body medicine, conflict resolution and organizational development. IAPOP also supports continuing education, giving and receiving feedback among practitioners, and promoting diversity and shared standards among our training programs in Process Oriented Psychology internationally.

Process Oriented Psychology, or Process Work as it is more commonly known, is a new paradigm that integrates concepts from physics, psychology, anthropology, and spirituality into a new paradigm and methodology that has applications in many fields. Developed by Arnold and Amy Mindell and colleagues, it includes key concepts like Deep Democracy and Worldwork. These terms describe various aspects of Process Work theory and application.

List of Previous IAPOP Research Conferences

2018 Dublin Ireland
New Frontiers in Process Work: Embracing the Edge

2012 Zurich Switzerland
Global Change: Local change: Tension, Crisis, and Change Processes
A Forum for Sustainable Group Process Methods in Working with Social Challenges

2010 Portland OR USA
Community and Global Health

2007 London, UK
Where fields meet

IAPOP Membership

IAPOP membership is open to professional practitioners who are committed to the research and practice of Deep Democracy, Process Work, and Worldwork and have completed rigorous training programs through IAPOP affiliated organizations.

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