2010 IAPOP Conference

The second International Process Oriented Psychology conference was held in Portland, OR in February 2010. This conference brought therapists, teachers, facilitators, and researchers from the Process Work community, medical professionals, and alternative health practitioners together from around the world. They shared innovative approaches to health, illness, aging, death, and dying as well as systemic issues of health community relationships.

Day 1 focused on Multidisciplinary Health and Healing; Day 2 on Palliative, End of Life and Coma Care; and Day 3 on Health Leadership and Health Systems Issues.

These audio recordings from the conference provide a unique insight into the research and application of Process Oriented Psychology as well as its contribution to individual and community health. For further information please visit the links to the various training centers as well as the individual presenters’ seminar schedules.

These MP3 files can be played online or downloaded and played on your system or MP3 players.

Keynote address

Arnold and Amy Mindell gave the keynote address at the 2010 IAPOP Conference, speaking about Rainbow Medicine, Dreaming, and Non-locality.

Here is their talk:

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It is also available for download by right-clicking or control-clicking Here:

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